About Stratus

Our Mission

Since 2001, our mission has remained the same - to provide award-winning, professional, market leading advice and solutions to achieve your lifestyle and financial freedom. Brett, James, Peter and Steve can help you create the financial security that lets you focus on what's really important in your life. 

Our Process

Our approach to financial planning involves taking a complete overview of your financial situation, then integrating all of the financial components and collaborating with the other professionals who contribute to your financial life to implement an integrated and seamless financial strategy.

We Are a Principal Practice of Fortnum Private Wealth

A "client first" approach

Fortnum Private Wealth brings together nationally a number of like-minded advisers who share a “client-first” approach, and like ours at Stratus, most Principal Practices have a financial stake.  Fortnum's name comes from a combination of two words – fortress and numbers. This represents our duty to you, the client – our dedication to protecting your financial security and our strength in numbers.

Award Winners


Winner -  'Principal Practice of the Year' Award

This Award recognises the Fortnum practice that demonstrates the highest level of financial performance, offers the best client value proposition, makes an outstanding contribution to its own community and engages deeply with the Fortnum dealer group in terms of participating in training, coaching and other business development, charitable and social events.


Winner - 'Operational Excellence' Award 
Runner-Up - Fortnum 'Principal Practice of  the Year' Award

The 'Operational Excellence Award' recognises the Fortnum practice that demonstrates the highest level of commitment to implementing sound, proactive business management, while continually assessing and improving their delivery methods, reporting and outcomes for clients.


Winner - 'Business Growth' Award

The 'Business Growth' Award is a new award and is received by a practice that has experienced significant revenue growth over the past 12 months. 

Stratus In The Community

The team at Stratus Financial Group continue to support our wider community both here and overseas through the Fortnum Foundation. The mission of the Fortnum Foundation is to raise money for children in need by fostering their well-being, and providing education and protection for children in Australia and overseas. Stratus Financial Group was an inaugural member of the Fortnum Foundation 1000 Club, where yearly donations of $1,000 are matched by the Fortnum Foundation.

The Stratus Financial Group team believe the personal involvement and support offered to children in need is compatible with Stratus’ overall philosophy and values. All of our team agree it is inspiring to work within a group of like-minded people who make such a valuable contribution not only at work but in our wider community. They recognise how fortunate they are to be able to support young people through their chosen charities.

We support key charities including Love Mercy, Music Industry College, Aunties and Uncles and the Ipswich 100 Cycling Event

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