Our client-focused approach to emerging technologies

by Brett Cribb, Financial Adviser

It’s 6pm and you’ve got a quick question for your financial adviser but at this time of day, all you can do is email to arrange an appointment. Imagine a scenario where you don’t have to schedule a meeting or wait for your next financial review. Instead, you simply speak your question into a phone app which securely delivers back to you a personalised answer a minute or so later.

This type of interaction, where new technology directly benefits clients, is of particular interest to the team at Stratus.

Emerging technologies
Given our focus on continually improving our clients’ experience, we are committed to keeping abreast of emerging technologies in our industry.

To further investigate cutting-edge technological innovations, I recently travelled to New York for the 2018 Adviser Innovation – Netwealth US Study Tour. Participants were exposed  to technological solutions that add significant value for clients of financial advice firms in terms of the timing, convenience and efficiency of providing information and the support they need.

The aim of innovative and forward-thinking financial advice firms like Stratus is to use emerging technologies to achieve a frictionless client experience where minimal time is spent on administrative tasks. This includes streamlining the process of sharing of information that makes it easier for you to understand and make decisions around your financial affairs.

High-value personalised support
The ultimate goal is to free up time – your time and your adviser’s time – without extra cost, so that you enjoy greater access to quality and high-value personalised support and advice that enables you to manage your financial affairs with confidence and ease.

In a world of technological innovation, where it’s easy to be distracted by the latest shiny new thing, we are thoughtful and realistic about how our clients’ interests may best be served.

Rest assured, here at Stratus Financial Group, we have our feet firmly on the ground as we continue to look to innovative solutions that enhance the way you experience advice delivery.

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