Supporting children in need

The Fortnum Foundation, proudly supported by Stratus Financial Group and Protection Advice, has made donations to three Queensland children’s charities: Zephyr Education, Aunties + Uncles Queensland and McIntyre Centre Riding for Disabled

The Fortnum Foundation raises money for children in need in Australia and overseas, to promote their well-being and provide education and protection.

Stratus Financial Group Principal Practice Director, Brett Cribb, said he was delighted to see Neil Younger, Fortnum Group CEO, present cheques on behalf of the Fortnum Foundation to three hard-working Queensland charities, all focused on helping children in our communities.

“The team at Stratus Financial Group have direct personal involvement fundraising for children in need and genuinely enjoy being able to make a difference for children in need,” said Mr Cribb.

The Stratus team, together with other Brisbane Fortnum practices, and members from the Fortnum Foundation held a morning tea to present the cheques and learn more about the great work of each charity.

“It’s an honour for the Stratus team to meet with representatives from our chosen charities to hear about how the funds will be used and understand how together we are making a difference in the wider community,” he said.

Stratus Financial Group is an inaugural member of the Fortnum Foundation 1000 Club and Brett is a member of the Advisory Board of the Fortnum Foundation.

This year’s combined fundraising activities are providing support to:

Zephyr Education provides school necessities – clothing, shoes, books and stationery – for children whose families are living in domestic violence shelters, where they often arrive with only the clothes on their back. At a very stressful time in their young lives, they can attend and fit in at school thanks to Zephyr.

In addition to fundraising for the charity, Stratus Financial Group recently held a suitcase drive to provide suitcases for use by families at domestic violence shelters.  If you or any of your friends have old suitcases to donate please contact us at Stratus Financial Group and we will make the necessary arrangements.

McIntyre Centre Riding for Disabled provides equestrian programs for children from 5  years and up who have a range of complex learning needs.

Ten-year-old George is today an enthusiastic rider, even though his parents were told he was unlikely to walk. Years of therapeutic riding have developed his core strength and posture to the extent that he now walks into the Centre to ride his favourite horse, Beau.

Funds raised the Fortnum Foundation will be used to help pay for Beau’s vaccinations, dental care and his yearly saddle fitting and farrier’s fee.

Aunties + Uncles Queensland connects mentors with vulnerable and socially isolated children aged 1 to 11 years.

Children are linked one-on-one with a mentor (Auntie/Uncle) who offers time, attention, care, stability, guidance and exposure to new experiences to empower the child to reach their potential and establish their future.

Operating in Brisbane and Gold Coast, the program links people like Sam and his Uncle, Glen. Sam enjoys surf school, fishing, hiking and building a bike while Glen loves re-experiencing life through a child’s eyes. The charity currently has 51 children linked with a mentor, having established 502 links since 1992.

Brett, Ross, Steve and James would like to personally thank all the Stratus advisers, friends and families who have actively participated in our fund-raising activities.

If you would like to know more about any of the charities we support or would like to make a donation, please contact Brett, Ross, Steve or James at Stratus Financial Group (07 3007 2007), or visit the Fortnum Foundation website.

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