Take CONTROL in 2019: Be financially prepared for Aged Care

by Financial Advisers Brett Cribb, Steve Nicholas & James Marshall

Moving to residential aged care, or assisting your parents to do so, is always a challenging and emotional time. In particular, many people are unaware of the complexity of financial options that need to be considered and decided upon in relation to aged care planning.

Timely and appropriate planning and advice will be important to help you navigate this unfamiliar territory and, importantly, prevent unwanted financial consequences. Continue reading “Take CONTROL in 2019: Be financially prepared for Aged Care”

Take CONTROL in 2019: Personal wealth a cornerstone to healthy ageing

by Brett Cribb, Financial Adviser; Steve Nicholas, Financial Adviser; & James Marshall, Financial Adviser

Business owner

‘It’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.’
Abraham Lincoln

Taking control in 2019 means funding your superannuation adequately.

Are you a business owner who is not making regular superannuation contributions for yourself? If so, you could be compromising your personal prosperity and depriving yourself of an essential component of happy and healthy ageing. Continue reading “Take CONTROL in 2019: Personal wealth a cornerstone to healthy ageing”

Downsize and SUPERSIZE your retirement savings

by Brett Cribb, Financial Adviser

While it’s common to downsize the family home when you retire, thanks to legislative changes that came into effect on 1 July 2018, downsizing to supersize your retirement savings has taken on a whole new meaning.

The ‘downsizer measure’ could enable you to boost your retirement savings by up to $300,000 each using proceeds from the sale of your family home, and enjoy the tax savings available in the super environment.

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7 steps to financial success

by Steve Nicholas, Financial Adviser

As you move through different phases of your life, it’s important to revisit your financial strategies including your insurances, super strategies, savings and cash flow, debt management and estate planning needs. Doing so could make an enormous difference to your long-term financial situation.

Our 7 steps to financial success  can help you stay on track and achieve your financial and lifestyle goals so you can focus on enjoying life. Continue reading “7 steps to financial success”

How to Protect the Entire Family #3 Plan early for aged care

by Financial Advisers Brett CribbSteve Nicholas and James Marshall


Financial planning that aims to build the current and future wealth and prosperity of the whole family must encompass the needs of everyone: children, parents, and grandparents. When financial planning is considered an intergenerational family obligation that spans all generations – young to old – then the whole family can not only gain wealth but protect it from unforeseen circumstances.

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